Review- Aruna dan Lidahnya

Inih... One of the movie bulan oktober yang masuk ke list gue. Tapi, kalau bukan karena temen gue, mungkin gue bakal tetep ngerasa kalo this movie is not worth it to watch tough it has Nic and Dian. They got in to my list just because Nic and Dian. I thought that it would be like other Indonesian's romance cliche movies. I admit it now, I was wrong. This movie was awfully took me to another world. Lebay ya... hehhhehe tapi bener gitu kok.

Jadi dimulai karena tiba-tiba lidah Mbak Aruna merasa kelu, engga sih, hehehhe. Her tongue kind of could not taste the right taste from some foods which made her crazy. So her bestie, Bono (Nicholas Saputra), suggested her to take a vacation together, as it had been a long time since the last time the went vacay together. Seperti yang udah kita tebak, that this movie will tell a lot about foods, yups, jadi mereka rencana vacay untuk kulineran. Keduanya setuju buat pergi, eeehhh beberapa hari kemudian, Mbak Aruna ternyata ditugasin buat investiga…

Dear the Worst Time

Kalo biasanya gue bahas hal2 yang mungkin ga penting banget atau hmmm ga jelas… kali ini gue pengen kasih tulisan spesial buat temen2 gue. Hehehehe
To my Worst time a year ago,
Dear my friends that contributed in that time, I would say thank you from the deepest. To be honest I cannot be this mature without all what you’ve done that time. So thank you for all the worst times you’ve been given to me. Although it was really hard for me to accept the reality and starting over, I am very glad for that scars to be happened. I did deal with lots of stuff because of you guys for a year. It turned out to be the worst year in my life. But I’m still grateful.
Saying that I have forgiven you is still a hard thing. However, I’m still trying to give the thing called forgiveness. I know in your side you might always think that what you’d done to me was right. Well, I do understand that. But for me it was really not right and I believe in that. Truthfully there always been a slight thought that yo…

Salah Sangka

Puhleeaasee.. Tolong jangan salah sangka sama gue!! hahahahhahaa
Iya, jadi malem ini temen gue tiba2 ngechat gw, nanyain pertanyaan yang aneh. Enggak aneh2 banget si.. Cuman dia jarang aja nanya kayak gitu. Biasa gue yang nanya, apa kabar? Lagi dimana? Lagi ngapain? Udah kayak pacar posesif gak si? Dia temen gue, cewek, asal jawa tengah, medok, ngapak original. Well, sekarang kalo ngomong basa indonesia udah engga semedok dulu sih. Tapi masih kedengeran medok dikit lah.
Sebelum gue ceritain isi chatnya, mending gue kasih tau dulu kondisi cuaca saat ini. Sekarang hari sabtu, malem, hujan barusan banget berhenti. So, it feels like a bit gloomy. Gloomy, dingin, petang, basah dan berisik (tetangga sebelah lagi nonton piala dunia).
Saat gue lagi enak2nya dengerin musik dan nonton MV-nya dari youtube di HP butut gue, tiba-tiba HP gue munculin notif. *Jreng* Gue biarin lah sampe MV-nya selesai. Gue kepo, karena gak biasa2nya, HP gue rame notif di sabtu malam.


Hai, para Readers yang budiman. Kali ini gue kembali dengan tulisan tentang jombloooooooo...
Jadi gue tiba tiba kepikiran tentang ini, karena ga tau kenapa, sebagian orang di di sekitar gue yang jomblo akhir-akhir ini mulai lebih sering komplen tentang statusnya sebagai jomblo. Mungkin kami sudah mulai berumur 😁😁😁

Gue pernah denger dari orang yang gue ga kenal, they said jomblo is "hina", yang lain bilang "ya emang kenapa jomblo?" terus ada juga yang bilang kalo jomblo itu bukan pilihan hmmm. Ini tulisan gak bermaksut untuk menghina siapapun, okay!? Because just for your information, I am a super single means "Jomblo since birth" believe it or not, well that's me. Stop talking about me. let's get started.

A Misty Road I was Taking

Haloo, I'm back.

It's been a while since the last post, ya !!! So happy I can spare a time again on it.
in this post, i'll share about hmmm... how is it to walk in a misty road of my life.
Enjoy reading, everyone😄😄😄😄

So, setelah perjalanan yang lumayan berat awal tahun ini, I decided to take no more care on anything I cared before. I just want to focus on anything that i want to achieve. There, my new journey had just started. Nevertheless, as you guys know, there's nothing easy on this world, right? that's a valid thing for me either. I tried and i fell, then I tried again and I fell again, till some times. But I never want to give up anymore. I really wanted to see what will happen when I did decided not to give up.

Then, everything started to run smoother and smoother till i felt that I had just healed. I also felt that everyone besides me were really very good persons as they were always there for me whenever I fell and vice versa. I felt the bliss just for …


It's a bit gloomy today haha. Dunno, maybe it's just me.  This won't be a long thread like before. I'll just write it short, straight to the point.
So, letting go... every person must have experienced this kind of stuff, include me. haha (Getir) Some say, it is easy to do but some say it is hard to do. For me, I dunno whether it's hard or easy to do.  I have no reason for that answer. Like the other persons, I also want to let go anything that burdens me a lot. I also want to have a normal life without this kind of resentment.  But what can I do. I am just a helpless, powerless person. haha
I'm pretty sure, deep inside my soul I really want to let go everything. But trust me, I dunno how. I don't even bother my self to think about it, cause it would make me explode. I am a normal human too, even I'm a bit weird.  I have limit in my life, I am not a God. 
Frankly saying, I just can't take it anymore. I really truly want it to end. All the pain th…


Hi everybody!!

So happy to be back. So, in this happy beautiful and other expressions occasion, I'll talk about "Hal paling susah untuk dilakukan"
Remember, every person's point of views into something is different. Hence, I am here not to judge or to tell which one is true and which one is not. I am just sharing what's in my mind to the world. So, wise full readers I am gladly invite you to ask anything about what I've written or anything that bothers your mind because of me. So, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me. 😊😊😊
Jadi back to the topic. Apa sih yang paling sulit dilakukan selama kalian maupun aku hidup?
Well, gue yakin jawaban setiap orang pasti beda. Setiap orang punya pengalaman dan peristiwa-peristiwa hidupnya masing masing yang berbeda pada setiap orang. Begitupun dengan cara menyikapi setiap kejadian. Setiap orang memiliki cara tersendiri untuk menyikapi setiap peristiwa yang terjadi di dalam hidup mereka.